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Who am I? Hi, I’m Keisha. I live in Los Angeles San Francisco, CA, but I made my way here via a looooooong journey through several states, beginning with conception and early development in good old New York, a pit stop in Georgia, and some quality time in Texas (Texas, yeehaw! Bonus points if you get this reference.). A (smart) lady should never give her age, so I’ll be coy and say depending on who’s doing the categorizing I’m in generation X or generation millennial. Make of that what you will. My interests are all over the place (a melange, if you will). I blog about everything from travel (love it!) to pop culture (RiRi, please don’t become the next LiLo) to my triumphs and travails (um, dating anyone?) to race and gender (I’m a black woman living in the US; it’s unavoidable) as I navigate my way through the world.

I love to quote rap lyrics. Have you listened to rap? These dudes have the most hilarious one liners ever. I could probably hold an entire conversation just quoting rap songs. I also like food and I can be snobby about it (but not snooty, there is a difference), whether I actually have good taste is debatable. I like shenanigans, both watching them and getting into them. Alfred Hitchcock movies are awe.some (but, I still haven’t seen Psycho or The Birds. “What? How is that possible?!” I know, right?). Also enjoyable? Sweet and salty foods together. I recommend Sour Patch Kids and butter popcorn. And, in keeping with my gender: I love shoes. They are a gift sent from…well, whatever force you believe is responsible for all that is good in the world.

I am often sarcastic (some people would say “witty”). My humor tends to lean either dry or straight up goofy. People who inexplicably don’t understand sarcasm (seriously?) might say I’m trying to be funny to cover being mean. Nah, nope. You can decide for yourself when you read my posts.

I have taken to making up words. The English language, for as many words as it contains, lacks some really essential words to capture the depth of things. Have you ever tried describing the relationship between you and your mother’s cousin’s daughter’s husband? There should be one word for that! Like Momdauhus! Even looks German! We have lots of German words in English.

Wondering about the meaning of my blog title? Well, often when people reference “girl next door” types they’re either talking about those bunnies in the Mansion or someone not black. Here’s some shocking news: sometimes the girl next door…is black. I know, it’s a lot to wrap your head around. Let it sink in. You okay? Alright. I thought about naming this blog: “You talk like a white girl,” or “Uppity Negress,” but I didn’t think either of those really captured my pomp and sass. So, TGNDIB it is. Enjoy (I hope).

Last Updated: January 2014

If you’d like to contact me: email thegirlnextdoorisblack at gmail dot com (thegirlnextdoorisblack@gmail.com) or contact on Facebook.



11 thoughts on “About + Contact

  1. […] recently, this girl and I worked together.  It’s only after we went our separate ways that we got together and found […]


  2. theh2obaby says:

    I don’t Follow every blogger who Follows me, but your About has totally grabbed me… so much of it could •be• me, despite being white and not a fan of the sound of rap enough to listen for the lyrics. Mmm, hmm. Thanks for checking out I Call It My Art. I look forward to digging into TGNDIB.


  3. Rap? Even white girls uhrm, women of a certain age, have been known to wax lyrical about the poetry of rap, especially to her younger, hipper friends! Nice to meet another aficionado – and thanks for the follow – I can see I’ve got some Tanzania reading to do. 🙂


  4. You are off & running! Lovin’ the blog and the swanky acronym. Can’t wait to read more…


  5. Woo hoo! You got your blog set up so quickly and you have CONTENT!! It took me months to get to this point. Can’t wait to read the musings of the sassy black girl next door. xoxo


  6. Heidi says:

    Love it!


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